United Global Martial Arts was created with one single thought in mind: “Competitors First In All We Do.” UGMA teaches promoters how to run the most efficient, fair, and organized tournaments in the martial arts world. By promoting new and innovative ways of running tournaments, UGMA will benefit competitors while elevating promoters’ reputations and improving the quality of their tournaments.

UGMA was started by Greg Beaver, a 6th degree black belt. Mr. Beaver started his martial arts training under Bill Gray in Houston, Texas on a Wednesday night in May of 1973. In 1974, Mr. Beaver was introduced to Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, and his life was forever changed. Mr. Beaver spent the next 30 plus years training under Mr. Gray and Mr. Wallace. In 1977, Mr. Beaver received his first degree black belt.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, Mr. Beaver was one of the top fighters in Texas. Then one day he went to the US OPEN, a world NASKA tournament, in Orlando Florida, and lost to a fighter named Kevin Thompson–in about 30 seconds! Mr. Beaver was devastated, but instead of going back to Texas and claiming that he was cheated, or making excuses, Mr. Beaver befriended Mr. Thompson and got involved with NASKA. In doing so, he became a better competitor and a better tournament promoter. Mr. Beaver has worked tirelessly to bring the best tournaments to Texas ever since.

UGMA strives to be open, fair, and diligent in our relationship with competitors and promoters. We care about your concerns, opinions, comments, and compliments. Please feel free to send us your thoughts at ugmafeedback@gmail.com

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